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Who Writes the Dewdrop Sounds?

All of the music on Dewdrop Sound is composed by Navya Myneni. Navya is a composer specialising in World Music. She is hugely influenced by Javanese Gamelan, which informs her work, including here on Dewdrop Sound. Navya loves to research various musical traditions and draw from them (respectfully) for her creative work. 

Creating music evoking various new spaces is a very relaxing process for Navya, and she hopes it brings relaxation to all of Dewdrop Sound's listeners.

About Dewdrop Sound

Dewdrop Sound is a website selling ambient music in a variety of themes and aesthetics, specifically written to help listeners have a pleasant experience of focussing in the present. Each track easily blends into the ambience of any space and moment, creating a more pleasant experience, but not drawing attention to itself. They are labelled "Ambient", "Meditation", and "Sleep", but are useful for a variety of relaxing activities, as well as ones requiring focus. New albums are added frequently, so keep an eye out! Follow us on social media and subscribe to our mailing list 💌

Dewdrop Sound offers original compositions to download for personal use only.

The music is released in albums of 3 songs each, which are downloadable individually or as an album for a lower price.   

Customers may also buy bundles of music for a discounted rate.

The music on Dewdrop Sound is copyrighted, and buyers do not have permission to use it for commercial purposes, including as background music in videos, films, and podcasts. Buyers do not have permission to re-sell the music on Dewdrop Sound or any of the album art. Thank you for being respectful. 

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