Step 1: Buy

Explore the music either by aesthetic or by function. You may click the button next to the song you want to buy, or you may click "Buy Album" at the top of the player, to buy the album. You must enter your email address where you will receive your purchase (we will not sign you up to any newsletter or share your contact details when you do this- no spam from us ☺︎).

Step 2: Payment

You may choose to pay by credit/ debit card, where you enter your details. Or you may choose to pay with Paypal.

Step 3: Download

A button appears, which will allow you to download your purchase immediately.

You will also be emailed a link. This link only works for 72 hours, so go ahead and download your purchase onto the device of your choosing within that time.

Step 4: Opening your purchase

When you click on the link to download, it gets saved onto your device. If you bought a single song, you will be able to play it. If you bought an album, you will need to unzip the file to be able to access it.

Unzipping an Album

Your purchase of an Album will be downloaded as a zip file. You must unzip it on your device to be able to access the music and album art inside it.

If you do not know how to unzip a file on your device, please find the instructions for it by typing the following:

"How to unzip a file on [your device name]". 

For example, if you are using a Samsung Galaxy phone,

please type "How to unzip a file on Samsung Galaxy".

If you have any trouble

Please contact us on the contact page if you have trouble with your downloads. This is intended to be a relaxing experience for you ♡


If you have paid for a download and it failed, please contact us with either an email or a screenshot proving your successful purchase, and also the email address you provided when you made the payment. We will then send you a download to your email ❀

ios users! important! Please download your purchase on your computer before sending it to your phone!

There will soon be instructions on how to download directly onto your iphone/ ipad once we have tested this and found it has worked. In the meantime, please download your purchase onto your computer (macbooks should work the same as pc), and add them to your itunes library. You should be able to play them on your iphone/ipad once you sync it to the computer/ connect to icloud.